What You Should Know About Making Roof Repairs Before Selling Your New York Home

Contemporary home buyers strongly favor move-in ready properties due to busy schedules, a lack of DIY skills compared to previous generations, and rising construction costs. These factors motivate them to seek homes requiring minimal maintenance. This is unfortunate news for homeowners looking to sell a property that needs repairs due to issues such as termites, … Continued

How To Sell A House With Termite Damage In New York State

Do you happen to own a house in New York that’s got some termite damage? It’s actually a pretty common issue in the area, especially for properties that are over 50 years old. Even the big termite control companies know about it. Check out this page on Orkin’s website, where they mention that New York … Continued

How To Deal Effectively With Winter Weather Damage To Your New York Home

During winter, many homeowners underestimate the potential damage to their houses. In New York, where snow and ice are frequent, it’s essential to remain vigilant. Let’s delve into the costly damages that winter weather can cause and explore ways to prevent them. Common Types of Damage From Winter Weather And Storms to New York Homes … Continued

Can You Sell a House in NY Without a Lawyer?

Selling a house in New York is a significant undertaking, and one question many homeowners ask is… Can it be done without a lawyer? While New York’s real estate landscape is complex, navigating a home sale without legal assistance is possible. Still, it comes with its own set of challenges and considerations. There’s a common … Continued

Can You Sell a House As Is in New York State?

Selling your home ‘as is’ in New York might seem daunting, but it’s often misunderstood. An ‘as is’ sale means the house is sold in its current state, with the seller making no repairs. This concept, though simple, is frequently shrouded in myths. Contrary to popular belief, ‘as is’ doesn’t always mean settling for a … Continued

How Do I Sell My House Without a Realtor in NY?

In New York, selling your house for cash is becoming a game-changer. A trend reshaping how homeowners approach property sales offers a swift and straightforward alternative to traditional methods. Imagine closing a deal on your home in days, not months, and all in cash. That’s the reality of a cash-based real estate transaction. The benefits … Continued

Selling A Home in New York With Mold Problems

Mold and mildew in your home can lead to a multitude of issues. These can range from aesthetic damage and unpleasant smells, to impacting the potential sale of your New York home. Mold can be visible, lurking behind walls, in vents, or beneath floor coverings. Ignoring this problem can have serious consequences that cannot be … Continued

Sell Your House To Avoid The Dangers Of A Vacant House In New York

Perhaps you’ve come across a movie or TV show featuring an eerie, vacant haunted house. Do you recall how it was portrayed? Creaking doors, shattered windows, cobwebs, dust, and more – all elements of the desolate, abandoned house. Are you the owner of a vacant property? These homes are sometimes inherited, unsuccessful rental ventures, or … Continued

How To Help A Senior Citizen Sell Their Home In Poughkeepsie

Assisting an elderly relative in selling their home can be a complex task. When seniors leave behind homes filled with cherished memories, they often experience emotional distress. According to research, in the U.S., approximately 27% of adults ages 60 and older live alone, compared with 16% of adults in the 130 countries and territories studied. … Continued

Selling Your Home “As Is” in New York – What You Need to Know

For homeowners in New York considering selling their property, the term “as is” is likely to come up frequently. At first glance, it may appear straightforward, but it actually plays a significant role in the real estate world. Selling “as is” essentially involves listing the property in its current condition, without any renovations or staging, … Continued
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