Sell Your House To Avoid The Dangers Of A Vacant House In New York

Perhaps you’ve come across a movie or TV show featuring an eerie, vacant haunted house. Do you recall how it was portrayed? Creaking doors, shattered windows, cobwebs, dust, and more – all elements of the desolate, abandoned house. Are you the owner of a vacant property? These homes are sometimes inherited, unsuccessful rental ventures, or places left behind when life offered an opportunity for a better dwelling.

In this post, we will delve into the risks associated with allowing a house to deteriorate beyond recovery, transforming it into a burdensome asset.

Unlocking the Hidden Costs of Vacant Properties: A Closer Look at Abandoned Homes and Their Consequences

Did you know that one out of every sixty-five residential properties in the United States is vacant? These “haunted looking houses” are frequently abandoned and neglected, causing an array of issues. In recent years, the problem of vacancy has risen in New York.

When the cost of repairing the issues exceeds the economical feasibility, homeowners often resort to a common strategy: retaining the property despite the damage. This approach is also prevalent when homeowners have intentions of enhancing the property’s potential but keep postponing the necessary improvements.

It’s easy to become entangled in the complexities of life and relegate property repairs or management to the back burner. However, this is not advisable! Although it may seem like a task that can be deferred, procrastination will eventually lead to financial losses.

Failing to utilize your vacant property as a valuable asset is akin to leaving your retirement savings unattended on the sidewalk, vulnerable to anyone who passes by.

If your home is currently vacant, watch out for the following warning signs. Ignoring them could result in debt, property loss, or even legal consequences.

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Likely Problems Caused By Vacant Houses

When houses remain vacant for an extended period without constant attention, a variety of common problems can arise. It might be tempting to assume that a vacant house is immune to issues, but this is far from the truth. If you own a vacant property, it is crucial to be aware of these potential problems.

One significant concern is vandalism. A vacant home becomes an attractive target for thieves, much like California in the 1800s was a potential goldmine. Maintaining the appearance that the house is occupied may deter potential intruders. However, once it becomes known that the property has been abandoned, it is only a matter of time before it is broken into.

Thieves often target valuable components of the home, such as copper wiring, HVAC systems, or kitchen appliances. The loss of these items can be costly, but it gets worse when thieves resort to breaking walls and removing fixtures to access valuable items. In such cases, the situation becomes dire, as extensive structural repairs are required to restore the home.

Even if nothing is stolen, troublesome individuals may enter the vacant property and engage in destructive activities like vandalism or destroying items for their amusement. Seeing that no one respects the home, they question why they should treat it any differently.

It is important to address these potential issues and take proactive measures to protect and maintain a vacant property.

Someone Could Start Living There

Although New York is regarded as a safe place to live, the city is experiencing a homelessness crisis. This poses a problem for the abandoned or vacant properties in the city.

If left unattended, squatters can freely inhabit your abandoned home for an indefinite period, causing significant damage and neglect to the property.

Evicting squatters becomes increasingly challenging once they have settled in, and there is a possibility that they may be allowed to remain if they refuse to leave. Furthermore, if squatters have resided in the property for an extended duration, they may even have a legal basis to claim ownership.

The House May Get Damaged Costing Thousands of Dollars In Repairs

Proper maintenance and care are essential for homes to remain habitable. Neglecting this fundamental requirement can lead to significant damage that escalates rapidly.

This consists of:

Water can cause significant and costly damage. Whether it’s a burst pipe, a faulty water heater, or a damaged roof or gutter, water can infiltrate your home, leading to both structural and interior harm.

Neglected heating systems pose their own set of serious problems, including the risk of fires. However, the concern of arson becomes even more pronounced in vacant properties. Additionally, the possibility of squatters starting fires cannot be overlooked.

Another prevalent issue associated with vacant homes is the invasion of animals, wreaking havoc within the premises. From an open door to a shattered window, even a curious critter can cause substantial damage. Furthermore, termite infestations pose a significant problem in New York, particularly for older wooden houses, necessitating regular treatment.


Even if you don’t reside on or actively oversee your property, you remain accountable for any incidents that take place there.

In the event of an injury occurring on your premises, you may be held legally responsible for any resulting damages. Likewise, if a neglected home on your property causes a fire or explosion that harms someone or damages another property, you will be held liable.

Property Expenses

Even when your home is unoccupied, government fees are still applicable. You will continue to bear the same expenses as any other property you own. These include:

  1. Taxes: Property taxes are owed regardless of occupancy status.
  2. Fines: Failure to meet city codes for vacant homes may result in fines.

The mortgage payments for your home will not be reduced if it falls into disrepair. You remain responsible for the same mortgage payment, regardless of occupancy.

Not paying bills on time and in full may incur penalties, imprisonment, or even property forfeiture to the bank or government.

How To Make Money Quickly On A Vacant House in New York

Aside from the aforementioned concerns, a vacant home represents a missed opportunity for a valuable investment and potential income source. While you may perceive your vacant house as worthless and unsellable, the reality is that you have the potential to quickly convert it into cash.

Even if you lack the funds to make your home habitable or suitable for renting, selling it to a reputable real estate investor can bring a cash infusion and a return on your investment. At Velocity House Buyers, we specialize in transforming vacant houses into swift cash. We are particularly interested in properties requiring major repairs or extensive cleaning. If you own a vacant house in the NY area and wish to convert it into cash, we invite you to learn more about our process by clicking here. Rest assured, there are no fees, closing costs, or commissions involved. Typically, we can provide an offer on your property within 24 hours, and if accepted, we can close the deal in about a week. Contact us today to speak with one of our friendly professionals.

We value your interest and eagerly await your call. Reach out to us today at 845-367-4898.

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