Selling a House With Code Violations in Dutchess County, NY

Dealing with code violations can be one of the most frustrating aspects of owning a home. Whether you’re looking to sell or not, these violations can quickly derail your plans and come with a hefty price tag to rectify.

Homeowners often find themselves perplexed by the specific violations and ill-equipped to address them promptly. Knowing whom to contact or the necessary steps to resolve these violations is often challenging. The following notes outline our experience in rectifying code violations within the city of Dutchess County, NY.

Know What City Department You Are Dealing With

If you have a code violation, it is most likely due to a failed inspection or an event that prompted the city to issue the violation. The city’s code enforcement typically consists of three departments: The Property Maintenance Group, The Health Unit, and the Building Code Unit.

The Property Maintenance Group is responsible for ensuring the appearance of properties in the city, as well as addressing lead paint poisoning and hazard restrictions. The Health Unit primarily inspects commercial spaces to uphold health standards and also oversees the pest control program. The Building Code Unit handles permits for renovations and enforces compliance with the Uniform Building Standard codes.

Residential issues usually involve either the Property Maintenance Group for property upkeep or the Building Code Unit for unpermitted work.

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Work with the City to Resolve Issues

The most efficient and straightforward approach to selling a house with code violations is to collaborate with the local authorities to resolve any outstanding issues. Visual appearance violations can typically be easily resolved by investing some time in cleaning up the exterior of the property.

Clearing excessive weeds, removing trash, and tidying up the premises will enhance the curb appeal of the house while simultaneously addressing past concerns. It is important to thoroughly examine each violation and tackle the underlying cause of the problem. Code violations can be more complex, as extensive renovations may be necessary to bring the property up to standard.

Based on our experience, it is advisable to collaborate directly with the inspectors when addressing potential issues. Take the time to thoroughly review each violation and seek clarification from the inspectors regarding the necessary changes for resolution. Keep a pen and paper handy to document their instructions for future reference.

Additionally, consider having a licensed contractor from the city accompany you to help interpret any technical language used by the inspector. Before concluding the inspection, ensure that the inspector provides you with a written and signed document detailing the specific issues with the property. Finally, schedule a follow-up inspection with the city for a date after the completion of the required remedial work.

Appeal to the City to Lift Violations

Once you have rectified all the outlined violations, you will need to appeal to the city to have them lifted. Subsequently, an inspector will be dispatched to thoroughly inspect the property for any remaining issues. It is advisable to keep a copy of your initial walkthrough sheet accessible in case they attempt to include additional items in the violation.

We have encountered instances where multiple inspectors identified additional items upon a subsequent evaluation. Assuming the work has been completed according to the specified requirements, the city should promptly lift the code violation, potentially even on the spot. Official documentation will be issued to your address at a later date.

Common Code Violations

  • Leaking Pipes or Fixtures
  • Unsafe Staircases and Railings
  • Insufficient Insulation or Ventilation
  • Electrical Wiring Outdated
  • Lack of Adequate Fire Alarms
  • Infestations of Pests

Price the House To Sell Quickly

Selling a house with code violations to a traditional buyer in Dutchess County can be challenging. In order to successfully sell, a significant reduction in the asking price may be necessary.

Many buyers are seeking hassle-free homes that are move-in ready. However, severe property issues can deter lenders from financing the purchase, making cash offers the more viable option. Problems such as septic, zoning, plumbing, and electrical issues can become major headaches and red flags for lenders.

Before listing or attempting to sell the property independently, it’s important to explore what we can offer you. Our background and experience enable us to economically address house repairs at a lower cost and in a timely manner, saving you both money and time in the long run. Velocity House Buyers purchases homes throughout New York, including areas like Poughkeepsie, Newburgh, Middletown, and more.

Why You Should Sell Your House Directly

By keeping your house off the MLS, you can avoid the hassle of property showings, marketing, staging, and ongoing upkeep.

No more waiting around, uncertain of when your house will sell or what offers you’ll receive. Say goodbye to agent commissions, fees, and closing costs.Our selling process ensures a quick sale, regardless of your property’s condition. Discover how selling your house with code violations in Dutchess County can be surprisingly simple and stress-free.

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